DST 2007 Rollup Post

by Bharat Suneja

If the navbar link on the left doesn’t get you quickly to the DST 2007 post you want to, here’s a list of all DST 2007 posts on this blog:

DST 2007: December 2007 cumulative time zone update for Microsoft Windows operating systems
DST 2007: August 2007 Cumulative Timezone Update for Windows operating systems
DST 2007: Hotfix released for Exchange Server 2003 Message Tracking issue
DST 2007: As predicted, we didn’t save much energy afterall!
DST 2007: Why we needed to rebase appointments
DST 2007: Energy Policy Act of 2005 – the few lines…
DST 2007: Is there an Outlook DST “patch”?
DST 2007: The order of things, again!
DST 2007: Exchange’s Message Tracking off by an hour
Switching your Linux systems to the new DST
DST 2007: DoE isn’t convinced new DST will save energy!
CNet News.com: IT pros battle clock and code in time change
DST 2007: I rebased appointments and nothing moved!
DST 2007: Script to export Calendar items (before you rebase!)
DST 2007: Updating Front-End Servers
DST 2007: Heading into the weekend… list of relevant links
DST 2007: Clarification on using /ONLYCREATEDPREPATCH option
Where is TZMOVE.EXE?
DST 2007: Hotfix for Outlook Calendar Update Tool
DST 2007: Understanding what needs to be done and how to do it
DST 2007: Microsoft Exchange Calendar Update Tool and Outlook Cached Mode
DST 2007: Microsoft Exchange Calendar Update Tool v2.0
DST2007 CDO patch: Hotfix released for Store not mounting issue
DST 2007 and Exchange 2000: Patch For A Price?

From the Exchange Team Blog:
Daylight Saving Time Correction for Microsoft Office Outlook Calendars – Help desk guidelines
Video: How to rebase a Resource Calendar using the Outlook Time Zone Update tool and the /FORCEREBASESUPPRESSALL switch
Video demos for running Exchange and Outlook DST 2007 tools
DST and resource mailboxes – Auto Accept Agent and Direct Booking
How to find public folder calendars and their owners?
Step by step run of the Exchange Calendar Update Configuration Tool (MSExTMZCFG.EXE)
Exchange 2003 and DST fix (KB 926666)

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