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Friday, February 23, 2007


DST 2007: Microsoft Exchange Calendar Update Tool v2.0

Posted by Bharat Suneja at 1:27 PM
For those glued to the DST 2007 issue, this may not come as a big surprise, but judging by the questions I had at this morning's webinar held by Zenprise for DST issues, apparently not a lot of folks are aware that version 2.0 of the Exchange Calendar Update Tool is now available on microsoft.com.

Amongst other things, v2.0 takes care of some memory leak issues that required restarting the earlier tool, and as a welcome relief, a huge performance boost as well! The new tool can reportedly process between 7 to 15 mailboxes a minute, (depending on your environment and factors like number of items in the mailbox).

Microsoft discussed this in a webinar/conference call yesterday. IT folks who haven't started rebasing users' calendar items yet - and this group has a clear majority at the moment, imo (many folks are still assessing the tools, running tests, and trying to nail down the process, as the deadline to move the the extended Daylight Savings Time looms on the horizon - Bharat) - will breathe a little easier.

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