Security and Compliance Center

eDiscovery transition in Office 365: What you need to know

On July 1, 2017, Microsoft will transition the workload-specific eDiscovery features – In-Place eDiscovery and In-Place Hold in Exchange Online and the eDiscovery Center in SharePoint Online, to the Security and Compliance Center, a new, unified security and compliance console. The documentation for these features was updated a long time ago to reflect these upcoming […]

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Connect to Office 365 Using a PowerShell Function

When you sign-up for Exchange Online (or Office 365, which includes Exchange Online), an Exchange organization is created for you in Microsoft’s datacenter. One of the really cool things about Exchange Online is that besides its easy-to-use web interface, you also have the ability to manage your cloud-based organization using PowerShell. Shell-savvy administrators can run […]

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