DST 2007: DoE isn’t convinced new DST will save energy!

by Bharat Suneja

The Department of Energy isn’t convinced changing the clocks will make a dent in energy consumption! In an e-mail to TIME magazine, DoE press secretary Craig Stevens writes: “The jury on the potential national energy-savings of extending daylight saving time is still out. Our preliminary report, based on decades-old information, indicates a very small amount of energy savings.”

The DoE will keep tabs on energy consumptions during the next nine months, and calculate exact savings at the end.

What’s more – if it’s found that we’re not saving enough energy, the Energy Policy Act of 2005 reserves the right to revert to the old DST!

(The Energy Policy Act does have some good provisions, like the $3400 tax credit for hybrid cars, but it will be remembered most – particularly by IT folks – for what’s known as the Upton Amendment introduced by Congressman Fred Upton of Michigan, to extend Daylight Saving Time, originally by 2 months! – Bharat)

More in Kristina Dell’s short but well-written snippet on TIME.com – Daylight Saving: Glitches Ahead.

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