CAS In DMZ Redux: Time For an OWA Appliance?

The number of times I continue to field this question is amazing – Can the Client Access Server be located in the perimeter (DMZ) network? I wrote about it not too long ago [read previous post titled “Locating Exchange Server 2007 CAS role in the perimeter?“]. Exchange folks continue to get the standard requirement/mandate from […]

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Outlook on a stick?

IBM’s just released Lotus Notes 7.0.2 has a cool new feature that IBM’s been touting all over the place – Notes on a stick. It lets you copy your Notes Desktop on a USB stick (or other such devices, including an iPod. Hint: Justification for writing off that iPod as a business expense… it’s a […]

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Message Tracking as part of OWA/Outlook

Message Tracking is one thing I’ve since long wanted to see built into the client – either as an OWA-only feature or perhaps in OWA and Outlook. Problem: Users want to find out where a message they sent ended up – was it delivered? At what time? To which server? Same thing for inbound messages. […]

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