Media Center

Evolution of Windows Media Center

With the public availability of Windows 7 beta announced at CES 2009, Media Center aficionados are eagerly waiting for the updated Windows Media Center experience in the new OS. For me, Media Center has been the big reason to upgrade home PCs to Windows Vista, and looks like that will continue with Windows 7. I […]

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What is an Azalia controller?

Last night I got my Media Center PC back from repairs with a brand new motherboard, new hard drives, and a new TV tuner. Yes, that’s almost like a new computer— one of those rare occasions when I’ve bought extended warranty for a computer and actually found it worthwhile. After installing Windows Vista I tried […]

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Chat with your Windows MediaCenter!

As reported by, you’ll love this concept and way geeky app to remotely tell Windows MediaCenter to record a tv show – just chat with it over MSN Messenger! Stuck in a car with no way to record a tv show? You can now do it over a Windows Mobile phone (signed in to […]

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