Switching your Linux systems to the new DST

by Bharat Suneja

Over on Linux-Watch, Steven Vaughan-Nichols shows you how to update Linux systems for DST 2007.

As a sidenote to the above, Windows systems also use NTP (Network Time Protocol) to synchronize clocks to reliable time sources. This is required in Active Directory environments, for Kerberos v5 authentication.

In an AD domain, all client computers and member servers synch time with their authenticating Domain Controller (DC), which in turn synchs with the DC that has the PDC Operations Master role (aka “PDC Emulator” FSMO role in prev versions). The PDC operations master DCs synch to the PDC Operations Master in their parent domain, following the domain hierarchy. The PDC Operations Master in the root domain should be synched with a hardware time source like the computer’s CMOS clock, or a reliable external time source. Ref: KB 816042: How to configure an authoritative time server in Windows Server 2003

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