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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Microsoft to acquire Sybari Software

Posted by Bharat Suneja at 10:38 AM
Microsoft will acquire Sybari Software, the company that makes best-of-breed antivirus (and antispam) products for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SPS, and (yes!) Lotus Domino.

Another best-of-breed acquisition to bolster Microsoft's security portfolio - it bought Giant Company recently and is currently beta-testing the Microsoft-branded version of Giant's antispyware.

In mid-2003 it purchased the Romanian antivirus company GeCad.

It'd be interesting to see Windows shipping with built-in antivirus and antispyware tools, and even more interesting - have Sybari Antigen antivirus built into Exchange, manageable from Exchange System Manager.

On a different note, I continue my quest to figure out what prompts a Microsoft product manager to name a product or tool... for instance, why is Exchange System Manager called that? Why not simply Exchange Manager? Ditto for ICF - aka Internet Connection Firewall. Someone probably noticed that one and post-Service Pack 2 it's now known as Windows Firewall.)

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