Windows PowerShell 3 Wins InfoWorld’s 2013 Technology Of The Year Award

January 15, 2013

Windows PowerShell 3 has won InfoWorld’s 2013 Technology of the Year award. Finally, InfoWorld editors have discovered what IT pros have known for a long time – PowerShell is simply the most powerful yet easy-to-use management tool out there on any platform! The third time is definitely the charm for PowerShell, which provides the engine […]

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Microsoft to release PST Capture tool to search, import and destroy PST files

July 5, 2011

Microsoft has announced it will release PST Capture, a free tool to search .PST files, import them into Exchange Server 2010 and Exchange Online and (optionally) destroy the files. Exchange mailbox data is stored on Exchange servers – either on-premises in your organization’s datacenter, or in Exchange Online if you’re using Microsoft’s new Office 365 […]

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Office 2011 for the Mac hits the store shelves, Outlook 2011 makes the Mac a corporate citizen

October 26, 2010

Mac users can now stop envying Windows users for having the latest and greatest version of Microsoft Office. Office for Mac 2011 has just hit the store shelves. The latest update to Microsoft Office for the Mac brings the Mac version on par with its Windows sibling, and surpasses it in ways that Mac users […]

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iPhone 4 Issues: Proximity Sensor, Dropped Calls, And The Free Bumper

September 8, 2010

I continue to live with the self-induced inconvenience of carrying an iPhone 4, and the resulting dropped calls. In fact, over time the dropped calls issue seems to be getting worse, and combined with the proximity sensor issue it seems to make the iPhone 4 virtually unusable about half the time. Photo courtesy Gizmodo Most […]

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Windows Phone 7 RTMs

September 1, 2010

Terry Myerson, CVP @Windows Phone, announced over on the Windows Phone blog that Windows Phone 7 has been released to manufacturing today. Congratulations to the Windows Phone team— let the fun begin! It sure has been a long wait, and unlike traditional hardware/software products, where RTM means you can probably download or purchase them on […]

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Exchange 2010 SP1 Has Left The Building

August 25, 2010

Microsoft has just announced the release of Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1. SP1 adds some much-requested features to Exchange 2010. Here are some of the major changes (although it’s a long list of major and minor improvements, see Released: Exchange Server 2010 SP1 Beta or What’s New in Exchange 2010 SP1): Online Database and […]

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BlackBerry faces ban in UAE, Saudi Arabia, to cooperate in India

August 2, 2010

It appears to be an increasingly monitored world for mobile devices, as governments across the globe rev up their efforts to snoop into mobile messaging. UAE’s The National reports the country’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has said that BlackBerry Messenger, BlackBerry E-mail and BlackBerry Web-browsing services in the UAE will be suspended as of October 11. […]

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Jailbreaking is for fugitives: US Govt sanctions unlocking of cell phones

July 26, 2010

The U.S. government has ruled to defeat what many of us thought of as the high-handedness of Apple and its wireless carrier of choice, AT&T — you can now legally unlock your iPhones! More than a million users have unlocked their iPhones, a practice that’s commonly known as jailbreaking. However, jailbreaking has negative connotations. One […]

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Windows Phone 7 Reaches Technical Preview, Early Reviews Pour In

July 19, 2010

Terry Myerson, CVP – Windows Phone Engineering, announced in a blog post (interestingly posted on a Sunday) Windows Phone 7 has reached a “meaningful milestone”— what the team calls technical preview. Over the next few weeks, thousands of prototypes from Asus, LG and Samsung will make their way to developers. However, although in the home […]

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Jobs Knew: Form over function decision resulted in antenna mess

July 15, 2010

Unfortunately, the obsession with magical industrial design and good looks trumped over engineering and functionality. Another day when form defeated function. Or as some would say, beauty lorded over brains. And the rest is history. With all the brouhaha surrounding the iPhone 4 antenna issue, you can’t be blamed for thinking why the brilliant engineers […]

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