Chat with your Windows MediaCenter!

by Bharat Suneja

As reported by, you’ll love this concept and way geeky app to remotely tell Windows MediaCenter to record a tv show – just chat with it over MSN Messenger!

Stuck in a car with no way to record a tv show? You can now do it over a Windows Mobile phone (signed in to MSN/Live Messenger of course!). The idea of having an interactive dialog with a bot that can give you your tv guide listings and walk you through recording a particular show never occurred to me, but as the author suggests this is the next best thing to actually being able to call your Windows MediaCenter PC on the phone and simply talking to it.

As a sidenote, having worked at Nuance – the leading speech (recoginition is one part of it… ) company – not very long ago, I feel strongly about speech apps, and I’m super-excited about Exchange Server 2007’s Unified Messaging (Outlook Voice Access, AutoAttendant, et al) capabilities.

Talking to your MediaCenter PC can’t be too far away, given reports of Windows Vista’s built-in speech interfaces (no, I have’t had a chance to test any of that yet…. ). However, till such an app comes into existence, you can go to to find out how the /mobileRecord bot for Windows MediaCenter works.

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