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Friday, December 01, 2006


Changes to hotfix/patching model for Exchange Server 2007

Posted by Bharat Suneja at 5:51 PM
Microsoft has decided to change the hotfix/patching model for Exchange Server 2007. In the past, if you had a particular issue or came across an error, you looked up the relevant KnowledgeBase article(s) and called PSS for the relevant hotfixes (most hotfixes for Exchange Server 2003/2000 fix a particular issue - Microsoft does not recommend installing a hotfix unless you face the particular issue).

For Exchange Server 2007, a few hotfixes will be bunched up together in an update that (from what I can tell) will be publicly available. Each subsequent update will be cumulative - it will include all updates from the RTM version.

This should make the process of selecting which hotfixes/patches to apply a lot simpler, and perhaps a tad less frequent according to Microsoft. Each update will also undergo more thorough testing. More details in Servicing Exchange 2007 post on the team blog.

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