November 2007

AD Explorer: A better ADSIEdit than ADSIEdit

Came across this useful Active Directory tool called AD Explorer, thanks to fellow Zenpriser Tariq Hamirani. Created by Bryce Cogswell and Mark Russinovich, it’s another one of those cool SysInternals tools that came with Microsoft’s acquisition of their company Winternals. AD Explorer is a better ADSIEdit than ADSIEdit. It lets you add AD locations (containers/objects) […]

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HOW TO: Hide Distribution Group membership

Exchange Server 2003’s extensions for Active Directory Users & Computers console made hiding a Distribution Group’s membership a trivial task, accomplished by right-clicking a group, selecting Exchange Tasks and selecting Hide Membership. Figure 1: The Exchange Tasks wizard in ADUC provides an option to hide Distribution Group membership in Exchange Server 2003 As the task […]

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