AD Explorer: A better ADSIEdit than ADSIEdit

by Bharat Suneja

Came across this useful Active Directory tool called AD Explorer, thanks to fellow Zenpriser Tariq Hamirani. Created by Bryce Cogswell and Mark Russinovich, it’s another one of those cool SysInternals tools that came with Microsoft’s acquisition of their company Winternals.

AD Explorer is a better ADSIEdit than ADSIEdit. It lets you add AD locations (containers/objects) as favorites to be able to easily navigate to the same location, maintains a history of the locations you’ve visited in an AD tree and navigate forward/backward to them, and also lets you create snapshots of your AD data for offline viewing/tinkering.

Download this free utility and take it for a spin – it’s a single file all of 230Kb (the download has a license agreement and a 50K help file in CHM format).

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