DST 2007: Exchange’s Message Tracking off by an hour

by Bharat Suneja

There have been reports of the Message Tracking tool in Exchange System Manager being off by an hour after you apply the DST 2007 time zone update to the operating system of a server running Exchange. This is a known issue.

Message Tracking logs use UTC/GMT for logging (as do most logging and time-related functions). If you open a log using a text editor like notepad, you will find the correct UTC/GMT time logged.

This appears to be an issue with how Message Tracking renders time.

Having said that, Message Tracking is a troubleshooting tool used by administrators. It is not user-facing, and as such not as critical at this point, imo. It does provide the correct message status (message delivered or not).

At best, it’s a minor annoyance.

According to Microsoft, this will will “no longer manifest itself” as DST kicks in on March 11. More info on Microsoft’s DST 2007 blog.

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