VBScript | SELECT CASE statement

Rather than using too many IF-THEN conditions to check a value and take action, you are better off using the SELECT CASE condition. It produces cleaner code and is specifically meant for multiple IF-THEN conditions. The correct use of SELECT CASE: Select Case strValue [strValue is the variable you want to evaluate] Case “John”… do […]

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Web-enabling ADSI scripts

With the number of scripts I’ve been writing/accumulating growing exponentially every week, it was time to web-enable stuff so others could also benefit from the automation and efficiencies these provide. Well, it proved to be more difficult than I thought. Finally, after 2-3 sleepless nights, some things are up and running on a small web […]

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Import user attributes from OpenLDAP

Recently I imported the employeeID (and a few other attributes) from an OpenLDAP directory into Active Directory. Problem was different distinguishedName attributes in both directories – the OpenLDAP directory had a different OU structure. The Problem We have a LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF) dump from OpenLDAP in the following format : dn: distinguishedName not […]

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