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Friday, January 16, 2009


Gartner refutes IBM's Notes marketshare claim

Posted by Bharat Suneja at 11:24 AM
In a recent press release ahead of its annual LotusSphere conference, IBM claimed that Notes is narrowing the lead Microsoft Exchange has. Garnter analyst Tom Austin says:
I don't believe that in either revenue or user seat share, that IBM is closing the gap [with Microsoft]. The gap is getting bigger and bigger.
IBM may be adding Notes users, but its share of the installed base is getting smaller.
Interestingly, the Gartner statistic cited by IBM from "Gartner Dataquest's most recent report from 2008" indicating a 40% share worldwide for Lotus Notes, compared to Microsoft Exchange's 48%, was for 2007 shipments according to Austin.

The statistic is gone from an updated IBM press release.

More in 'Au contraire: Exchange's lead over Notes actually 'getting bigger and bigger,' says Gartner' on Computerworld.com.

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