December 2012

Remove a mobile device from your Exchange account

Most users switch to new mobile devices or add new ones. Over a period of time, your Exchange mailbox may have quite a few mobile devices. If you’re not using a smartphone or other Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) device (including Windows 8/Windows RT tablets, Apple iPad or other iOS devices), you can remove it from your […]

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WMF 3.0, Microsoft Exchange and patch management

Last week Microsoft released Windows Management Framework 3.0, a key management component that includes WinRM 3.0 and Windows PowerShell 3.0. If you’ve been running a version of Exchange 2007 or later, you may already know that these components (PowerShell for Exchange 2007, and both WinRM 2.0 and PowerShell 2.0 for Exchange 2010) are prerequisites for […]

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Create bulk mailboxes in Exchange 2010 (or Exchange 2013/Exchange 2007)

I used to save code snippets as blog posts earlier. Resuming the practice, so don’t be alarmed by lack of text in this post. If you want to see detailed posts about creating bulk mailboxes, check out these previous posts: Bulk mailbox-enabling users using Exchange Shell in Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2007 Exchange Server 2007: […]

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