Microsoft confirms iOS 4 ActiveSync Issues, helping Apple resolve them

by Bharat Suneja

iPhone 4 running iOS 4Microsoft is working with Apple to help it resolve issues with iOS 4, Apple’s latest update to the iPhone OS, and Exchange ActiveSync. Earlier this week Apple released an update to fix some of these issues. See Apple fixes issue with iOS 4 and Exchange ActiveSync.

In a blog post on the Exchange team blog, Microsoft’s Adam Glick confirms the issues users are facing with Apple’s new iPhone 4, and older iPhone devices that have been upgraded to iOS 4. The post lists 3 issues that iOS 4 users been having with EAS:

  1. iOS4 devices causing “heavier than normal load” on Exchange Server
  2. Email, calendar or contacts not syncing
  3. iPhone’s not working with Google Apps over EAS

As Adam states:

We are in contact with Apple’s engineering team and are trying to help them fix this issue.

However, as far as issues with Google Apps are concerned, Google’s responsible for its server-side EAS implementation working correctly, and in this case Google claims it had a server issue.

For more details, head over to iOS 4 And Exchange ActiveSync on the Exchange team blog.

Google and Exchange ActiveSync

Last year, Google licensed EAS from Microsoft (see Google joins the Exchange ActiveSync bandwagon). However, this license is for Google’s server-side implementation of EAS. Google uses its EAS implementation in Google Sync. Mobile devices that support EAS, including the iPhone and other iOS devices, can sync with Google’s services, which appear as Exchange Server to the device. When setting up your iPhone for Google Sync, you must select Microsoft Exchange as the server. See Google Sync: Set Up Your Apple Device for Google Sync for details.

Google Sync is still in beta, and features available differ by device platform. Devices that support Exchange ActiveSync have access to common functionality, including support for Gmail sync, Contacts, and Calendar. More details in Google Sync for your phone.

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