Windows 7 Crosses the 150 Million Mark

by Bharat Suneja

A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced it sold 100 million copies of Windows 7 in 6 months (see Windows 7 reaches the 100 million mark). A few weeks later, an update from Brandon LeBlanc— Windows 7 has now sold 150 million copies! More in 150 Million Licenses of Windows 7 Sold, Windows Live Betas Announced on the Windows blog.

Needless to say (but a good reminder nevertheless… ) — Windows 7 is the fastest selling OS of all times. As Brandon points out, Microsoft sells 7 copies of Windows 7 every second. Congratulations to the Windows team on an excellent release!

@Erick Schonfeld over at TechCrunch – it’s not 1 copy of Windows 7 every 7 seconds, as posted in Windows 7 Sells Once Every 7 Seconds, 150 Million Copies Total Sold So Far (corrected now). Engadget confirms it did the math, and it is 7 copies every second. :)

Paul Thurrott posts on Windows IT Pro:

If this trend continues, Microsoft will sell at least 300 million Windows 7 licenses by the end of calendar year 2010. Not bad for the “post-PC” era we’re supposedly experiencing right now.

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Jeff June 25, 2010 at 3:17 am

Kudos to Microsoft for a truly awesome OS – you deserve it after biting the dust with Vista, and so do your users.


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