Export and Import Content Filter Words or Phrases

by Bharat Suneja

In Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2007, you can add custom words or phrases as good or bad words to modify the Spam Confidence Level (SCL) assigned to messages. Messages with a good word or phrase are assigned an SCL of 0 and bypass other antispam agents that fire after the Content Filtering agent. Messages with a bad word are assigned an SCL of 9, and any configured action (delete/reject/quarantine) is taken based on the Content Filtering configuration.

Figure 1: Adding a custom word or phrase to Content Filtering configuration

To add a good or bad phrase to the custom words list using the EMC:

  1. Go to Organization Configuration | Hub Transport | Anti-spam tab
  2. Select Content Filtering and click Properties in the action pane
  3. In Content Filtering Properties, select the Custom Words tab
  4. Add a word or phrase in the following fields as required:
    • Messages containing these words or phrases will not be blocked:To add a good word or phrase, type it in this field
    • Messages containing these words or phrases will be blocked, unless the message contains a word or phrase from the list above: To add a bad word or phrase, type it in this field.

To add a word or phrase using the shell, besides the actual word or phrase, you must also specify the influence:

Add-ContentFilterPhrase “bad word” -Influence Badword

You can get a list of words or phrases added to Exchange by using the Get-ContentFilterPhrase cmdlet:

Get-ContentFilterPhrase | Select phrase,influence

Exporting and Importing Custom Words and Phrases
On the Edge Transport server, configuration information is stored in the local instance of Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) on Windows Server 2003. In Windows Server 2008, ADAM is renamed to Active Directory Lightweight Directory Service (ADLDS). Unlike Exchange Server configuration information stored in Active Directory, which is replicated to all domain controllers in the AD forest, Edge Transport configuration information stored in ADAM/ADLDS is not replicated to other Edge Transport servers.

You can configure an Edge Transport server using a cloned configuration. See Using Edge Transport Server Cloned Configuration.

You can also export only the content filter phrases from one Edge Transport and import it to another Edge Transport server. To export the phrases, use the Get-ContentFilterPhrase cmdlet:

Get-ContentFilterPhrase | Select Phrase,Influence | Export-CSV “C:\MyFolder\CFPhrases.txt”

To import the phrases on another Edge Transport server, use the Add-ContentFilterPhrase cmdlet:

Import-Csv “C:\MyFolder\CFPhrases.txt” | foreach {Add-ContentFilterPhrase -Phrase $_.phrase -Influence $_.influence}

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