Released: New Whitepapers on Continuous Replication and Planning for Large Mailboxes

by Bharat Suneja

New whitepapers have been released today on TechNet.

Whitepaper: Continuous Replication Deep Dive
– written by Ross Smith IV and Scott Schnoll

This whitepaper discusses the different components of Continuous Replication— used by LCR, CCR and SCR, how replication works, backups and log file truncation, what happens during scheduled and unscheduled outages, and how Continuous Replication compares with other replication solutions.

The whitepaper is available here.

Whitepaper: Planning for Large Mailboxes with Exchange Server 2007
– written by Tom Di Nardo

This whitepaper discusses planning and operational issues faced when dealing with large mailboxes, including planning storage, long database backup and online/offline maintenance times.

The whitepaper is available here.

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