Critical Apple Mail vulnerability reintroduced in Leo

by Bharat Suneja

“In a world where PCs constantly do battle with viruses and malware, Mac OS X is a sea of tranquility”, Apple likes to remind the world about its OS X operating system.

Interestingly, Computerworld’s Gregg Keizer reports about a critical vulnerability in Apple Mail that was fixed in OS X Tiger has been reintroduced in its brand new Leopard OS. More in “Once-fixed bug pops up again in Leopard’s Mail” on

The vulnerabilities in Apple’s own QuickTime media player are not limited to Windows boxes (running QuickTime) either…. – the Mac is vulnerable as well.

I like Leo – it’s a great-looking OS, paired with well-designed boxes. However, when it comes to security, no single vendor has the magic pill. As far as number of vulnerabilities go, and the time taken to fix these, Microsoft does seem to have a better record imo. (Read previous post “Numbers talk: Vista most secure OS of all?“)

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