Ex-Vice President Exposed: Engadget features a gadget-junky Al Gore

by Bharat Suneja

I have to post about Engadget’s (the blog/site for gadget-junkies) post today showing environmentalist ex-Vice President Al Gore’s den – look at the post on Engadget.com titled “Al Gore: ex-VP, environmentalist, gadget freak“.

Comparatively, I’m not doing too bad – I need to add 2 more of those super-sexy Apple Cinema displays, but don’t care as much for the flat panel tv on the wall. The little toob-watching I do happens to be on the Apple monitor hooked to a Windows Media Center PC. :) (…still waiting for Sony to release Windows Vista drivers for the MPEG card, et al for my Media Center).

And I’m inching closer to getting a Mac Book Pro (think they’ll refresh the Mac Book Pros with the Santa Rosa chipset soon?) – after the next refresh, and once I’m sufficiently convinced it will run Windows Vista without issues.

Not much of an iPod fan – I am waiting for the uber mobile device that’s a cross between the music-playing capabilities of an iPod or a Zune, the mobile phone capabilities of an iPhone or a Windows Mobile device, has a decent speaker-phone and a GPS nav system. The current crop of Windows Mobile devices are not “it”, and neither is the iPhone. The iPhone can’t talk to Exchange, doesn’t do ActiveSync… Apple blew away one chance of winning business customers over to the pricey iPhone by not including ActiveSync support… perhaps RIM will jump at the chance to make the iPhone a BlackBerry… as it’s doing for Windows Mobile devices (read previous post “RIM does a BlackBerry on Windows Mobile“).

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John July 3, 2007 at 8:07 am

Great job and a good theme. And thanks for the mention.


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