I’ve been tagged!

by Bharat Suneja

Last month, Clustering MVP Rod Fournier tagged me with a “5 things you don’t know about me” post – and I had no clue till this morning what this is all about till I got shamed by Rod!

5 things you don’t know about me:

1) My first introduction to this wonderful country (and the beautiful Washington state) was at age 16, as an exchange student in Othello, WA. Living with American families in a small town, attending high school as a senior – what a great experience!

2) At some point before or after I turned 20, I got addicted to “The Sims” and spent a good part of the day playing it. It was hard to get out of – a brilliant game, and one reason I don’t own a Playstation or Xbox console till this day – the fear of addiction.

3) Like Evan Dodds, I’m a huge Windows Media Center fan – I think it’s one of the best innovations to come out of Microsoft. The little TV that I watch these days is on a MediaCenter PC, hooked to my Apple monitor. I’d really love to see a MCE PC the size/form of Apple’s Mac Mini, with a TV Tuner and CableCard built-in (to get rid of the external cable/satellite box).

4) I love the current genre of Bollywood (a term for India’s Hindi film industry, centered in/around Bombay/”Mumbai”) films – the past few years have seen Indian films become increasingly slick productions, comparable to the best of the world. Watching Indian movies in one of Bay Area theaters that screen them, I’m often surprised by the number of Americans and non-Indians in the crowd.

5) I love good design and writing about cool tech stuff! In a former life, I wrote advertising copy (and did plenty of graphic design projects) for ad agencies. As a Contributing Editor for PC Quest – India’s #1 personal computing magazine at that time, and PC World (Indian edition), I also wrote articles, product reviews, and a regular column.

Now comes the difficult part – of tagging 3 people I know. Rod has already tagged Jim McBee and Evan Dodds, and Evan tagged Vivek Sharma (see where this is going?) – let’s hear from Scott Schnoll, Dave Goldman, and… Vivek Sharma (since he hasn’t yet responded to Evan tagging him… fair enough? :).

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