March 2007

Meet Linux: The worst ever spoof of an Apple ad – by Novell?

Just came across Novell’s Meet Linux ads – the worst ever spoof of Apple’s brilliant “Hi I’m a Mac… ” commercials. The production quality is poor, and the execution amateurish, imo. These look more like a a clip on YouTube put together by a bunch of teenagers with a camcorder, (and it probably is for […]

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How to turn off Back Pressure on Exchange Server

In Exchange Server Transport error: 452 4.3.1 Insufficient system resources we learned how the Back Pressure (Previous versions: Exchange 2010 | Exchange 2007) feature monitors resource consumption on Exchange Server and stops accepting new message submission if it’s low on resources. Update: In Exchange 2013, when the Transport service on a Mailbox server or an […]

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Just released – Zenprise Connector for Ops Manager 2007

Earlier this morning, Zenprise announced general availability of Zenprise Connector for Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager 2007 (the new version of the product formerly known as Microsoft Operations Manager or MOM). Now you can use Zenprise from within the Ops Manager console. Additionally, you can manage BlackBerry servers – using Zenprise for BlackBerry – from […]

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John Dvorak: Apple should pull the plug on the iPhone

John Dvorak on the iPhone in his Second Opinion column titled “Apple should pull the plug on the iPhone”: These phones go in and out of style so fast that unless Apple has half a dozen variants in the pipeline, its phone, even if immediately successful, will be passé within 3 months. Interesting and opinionated, […]

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Back Pressure and Exchange Server Transport error 452 4.3.1 Insufficient system resources

In my hotel room in Orlando, getting ready for an Exchange 2007 transport presentation tomorrow morning at TechMentor. When trying to telnet to the SMTP port of an Exchange 2007 Hub Transport server, I got the following error: 452 4.3.1 Insufficient system resources Not a good thing the night before a presentation – Murphy’s law […]

More → Surprise, Microsoft Listed as Most Secure OS!

Microsoft has no dearth of critics as far as security goes, particularly from the open source bandwagon. Apple’s commercials certainly show no mercy when talking about this issue, and frankly the commercials are quite funny and well-executed, imo (..but then isn’t marketing the art or science of being as far removed from the facts as […]

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Zenprise named Gartner Cool Vendor in IT Operations Management

Reputed analyst firm Gartner has just named Zenprise as a Gartner Cool Vendor in IT Operations Management space! After winning a number of awards between last year and this – including InfoWorld’s 2007 Technology Of The Year award (Best Exchange Troubleshooting Solution),’s Product Of The Year award (Exchange Server Reporting & Management), and the […]

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Locating Exchange Server 2007 CAS role in the perimeter?

Where should you locate Exchange Server 2007 servers with the Client Access Server (CAS) role? Is it more secure to locate them in perimeter network (aka “DMZ” or demilitarized zone)? Security folks in many organizations insist that any server that needs to be accessed from external networks (i.e. the Internet) should reside in perimeter networks. […]

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DST 2007: Why we needed to rebase appointments

I thought I wouldn’t need to post about DST 2007 issues after it kicked in on Sunday March 11th this year, but apparently that doesn’t seem to be the case. In a previous post (that I’ve referred to a number of times now) titled “DST 2007: Understanding what needs to be done and how to […]

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Enabling POP3 in Exchange Server 2007

As Terry Myerson posted on the Exchange team blog not too long ago (read previous post titled ” Exchange Server 2007 SP1: A bag of goodies!“), the Exchange Management Console will get POP and IMAP management – amongst other features – in Exchange Server 2007 SP1. Till then, the shell is the only option to […]

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