Dell laptops don’t have wireless access at TechEd!

by Bharat Suneja

I’ve enjoyed TechEd throughout this week – some great sessions I’ve been to, and all the folks I’ve been meeting all week – MCTs, MVPs, softies… and the parties have been great so far.

The one thing that’s really been annoying me is the fact that my Dell Latitude D610 running XP SP2 can’t connect to the wireless network at TechEd. My laptop sees the TechEd wireless network as a computer-to-computer (peer) network, and doesn’t get an IP address.

Of course, being the busy week that it has been, I really haven’t had the time to work on troubleshooting it beyond what I already know about Windows, networking, and wireless networks – and I know this stuff fairly well (yes, I’m being modest here… :)

Having confirmed it with a few other attendees, I can confirm the problem is being faced by folks with Dell laptops. I’m not completely sure if others with different brands of laptops are facing this problem as well, but the ones with Dells certainly are….

…. and Dell isn’t present on the trade show floor – as far as I know, they haven’t been participating in TechEd since last year in Orlando.

Not sure if there’s a firmware upgrade that needs to be applied, but it’s pathetic to see all these people with Dell laptops unable to connect to the network.

I ended up using my new Moto Q windows mobile phone to access the web. I haven’t posted a review of what I think about the Moto Q so far, because it’s all negative and I really try to avoid posting negative feedback about a vendor or a product…. but I will most likely end up posting something about the Q since I endured being without a cell phone for weeks just so I could get a Q.

Needless to say, accessing the web with a mobile phone – no matter the screen size, which isn’t as large as the Moto Q commercials make you think… – and no matter what the speed is – which also isn’t too great on the Verizon network imo – mobile phones are really no substitutes for laptops.

Perhaps I have a new ultra-mobile windows device in my future!

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