February 2006

SCRIPT: List Distribution Groups

I was able to modify this script I wrote a while back for general use. What it does: Lists mail-enabled groups in a domain including following attributes:– Group Name– Group type (Security/Distribution group)– Description (if the description field is populated)– Manager– Members What needs to be added…– If the group only receives from authorized senders […]

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Troubleshooting IMF: Important performance counter

Earlier today I saw some strange behavior with Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) v2. Incoming internet mail wasn’t getting scanned by IMF. Outlook did not show the SCL values for any message! That in itself wasn’t the strange part. I’m positive I have the right gateway and store thresholds, and I have IMF enabled on the […]

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SCRIPT: Reset Mailbox Limits

I had posted a script that reports all users with their mailbox storage limits set individually on the user account properties in my earlier post titled “SCRIPT: Show mailbox limits“. I have just added another script to that post that will reset those mailboxes (with storage limits set individually). Once the script resets storage limits […]

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