April 2005

IBM In Denial Over Lotus Notes

Another interesting article – this one’s about Lotus Notes’ declining marketshare, and the Lotus community’s claim of it still being No. 1. IBM In Denial Over Lotus Notes The marketing folks in IBM’s Lotus division are starting to sound like the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, who insists he’s winning a […]

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The 24-hour Linux phenomenon

Interesting observation by InfoWorld columnist Neil McAllister. He quotes Jim Allchin (Group VP of Platforms at Microsoft). Excerpts from the Open Enterprise column (emphasis mine). Standard disclaimers (including “take this with a pinch of salt”) etc. apply… I do think there’s some element of truth in this – having heard from or of people who’ve […]

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Getting Dell Service Tag using WMI

Need to maintain an accurate inventory of servers in datacenter. Dell servers have a Service Tag that is required when calling Dell support, and it makes sense to include this in the server list. Here’s how to retrieve the Service Tag from the system BIOS. This uses WMI, and therefore works only on Windows servers. […]

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