January 2005

Scripting: ExchangeClusterResource class

The WMI ExchangeClusterResource class has 5 properties: 1) Name: returns name of Exchange cluster resource 2) Type: specifies the cluster resource type (IP Address, network name, etc.) 3) Owner: specifies the cluster node that the resource is running on (changes with failover) 4) VirtualMachine: returns name of the Virtual Machine that owns the resource 5) […]

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Exchange joins Microsoft’s Billion Dollar Club, gets new product roadmap

It happened in 2004. Microsoft Exchange Server crossed the $1 billion revenue threshold, joining Microsoft’s enviable stable of products that the software company can rely on for more than a billion dollars in revenues each year. http://entmag.com/news/article.asp?editorialsid=6534 Exchange also got a new (ever-evolving?) product roadmap SP2 will be released in second half of 2005. It […]

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