HOW TO: Grant Full Mailbox Access permission

by Bharat Suneja on June 28, 2007

Follow-up to previous post “HOW TO: Assign SendAs right using Exchange shell” – the ability to assign SendAs and ReceiveAs permissions is preserved in Active Directory Users & Computers (ADUC), but the ability to grant Full Mailbox Access permission isn’t available. Full Mailbox Access is a mailbox permission (without getting into a debate about what’s a permission and what’s a right, the term is used interchangeably here).

In Exchange Server 2003/2000, mailbox permissions can be controlled from the Exchange Advanced tab | Mailbox Rights, as seen in the following screenshot.

Mailbox permissions in Active Directory Users & Computers
Figure 1: In Exchange Server 2003/2000, mailbox permissions can be managed from ADUC

Since Exchange Server 2007 does not use ADUC for recipient management, this can’t be done using ADUC. The shell is your friend when it comes to assigning Full Mailbox Access and other mailbox permissions. You can use the Add-MailboxPermission command from the shell to assign it.

In the following example, we assign Full Mailbox Access permission on Joe Adams’ mailbox to another user (janea):

Add-MailboxPermission “Joe Adams” -AccessRights FullAccess -user “janea”

Besides FullAccess, the following mailbox permissions can be granted using Add-MailboxPermission:

  1. SendAs
  2. ExternalAccount
  3. DeleteItem
  4. ReadPermission
  5. ChangePermission
  6. ChangeOwner

Viewing permissions using Get-MailboxPermission

To view permissions on a mailbox, use the Get-MailboxPermission command:

Get-MailboxPermission “Joe Adams”

To view explicitly assigned permissions (i.e. permissions that are not inherited):

Get-MailboxPermission “Joe Adams” | where {$_.IsInherited -eq $false}

To view all security principals with Full Access permission on a mailbox:

Get-MailboxPermission “Joe Adams” | where {$_.AccessRights -like “*FullAccess*”}

Managing Full Mailbox Access using the EMC in Exchange Server 2007 SP1

Exchange Server 2007 SP1 adds management of Full Mailbox Access permission to the EMC.

  1. From Recipient Configuration | Mailbox | select mailbox.
  2. In the Action pane (or by right-clicking the mailbox), click Manage Full Mailbox Access…

Figure 2: Exchange Server 2007 SP1 allows management of Full Mailbox Access permission from the EMC

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