Migrating to WordPress: Code is Poetry

by Bharat Suneja

Early this morning, I migrated this blog from Google’s Blogger to WordPress – for the fourth time in less than a month! Luckily, the wonders of XML-based data transforms between Blogger and WordPress made the process a lot easier than I thought, compared to the few single-handed attempts at migration made in the past year or so.

The fact that the WordPress download is less than 2.5 Mb. never ceases to amaze me! For the size, it’s a surprisingly efficient CMS. As a blogging platform, it’s unparalleled.

More than 600 posts imported successfully, with dates, comments, trackbacks, etc. During the process, the WordPress importer gave up on it 3-4 times, but when restarting the process it was smart enough to acknowledge the list of posts that were already imported, and skipped them the next time around. After the import was completed on the 3rd or 4th attempt, all posts showed up.

Of course, the process wasn’t completely without hitches. One issue I’d like to see resolved is with comments — although a post has many comments, and the WordPress version of the post displays the comments successfully, it doesn’t calculate the number of comments. As a result, all posts show up claiming there are zero comments. But I’m pleased with the overall import process and willing to ignore the minor inconvenience.

The new blog isn’t quite ready yet – style sheets need to be applied, and design changes need to go in — something I’ll be able to do over the next few days/weeks. Until then, the work-in-progress can be found at its new “simplified” URL – https://exchangepedia.com/.

@WordPress.org: Yes, your code is indeed poetry!

New RSS Feed: Just finished creating a new RSS feed on Feedburner. It should be active any time now – grab it from feeds.feedburner.com/Exchangepedia.

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