More Browsers, More Browser Woes

by Bharat Suneja

In an increasingly web-centric world where cloud services are supposed to replace all our desktop apps, the web browser has become an important tool. Although new browsers have been introduced and old ones mature, the browser experience continues to degrade, alarmingly so!

Browsers, including the “smaller”, “faster”, “nimbler” ones, increasingly consume large amounts of system resources. I’m alarmed by the memory consumption record of FireFox (and although I haven’t done any strictly comparative tests, it seems IE 8 is more well-behaved in this respect). More importantly, browser crashes are up to annoying levels, and again – I see these happening with FireFox more often than IE or Chrome.

InfoWorld’s J. Peter Buzzese beat me to this post, and he echoes my thoughts very closely on the subject. So, rather than repeat what he’s already written, let me simply point to his latest— Enough! What to do about browser piggishness.

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