Exchange Team Blog: Please Do Not Read This Post!

by Bharat Suneja

Interestingly, the Exchange team blog has a post that most folks should have no interest in!

In fact, the writer says so:

If you do not develop gateways for Exchange 2007 and write mime devouring applications, I highly suggest you use this opportunity to test Internet Explorer 8’s new “Back” functionality. In IE 8, clicking that “Back” button moves you back to the page you were at before. Oh, ok, so it’s not really new functionality, but it’s important and if you don’t develop gateways you are unlikely to find this topic of interest. For the three of you still with me, read on,…

And yet, the writer is highly “unsuccessful” in persuading readers to quit at that point.

Yes, Jason Nelson’s at it again with another excellent post! Read ‘Encapsulate This!‘ on the team blog.

If you’ve read it so far, you couldn’t possibly have missed Jason’s previous post. Just in case you did, head over to DSNConversionMode and You: An Administrator’s Guide.

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