Quick antispam report or status check?

by Bharat Suneja

Having received an annoyingly higher proportion of spam in my Inbox this morning, I wanted to quickly check what the antispam agents are doing. Here’s a quick cmdlet (besides the ones to check whether the antispam agents are enabled, checking the Content Filter SCL thresholds, etc.).

Get-AgentLog -StartDate “6/16/2008” | group action | ft name,count -Autosize

What you get back:

Name Count
—- —–
RejectCommand 520
AcceptMessage 39
RejectMessage 163
QuarantineMessage 11
DeleteMessage 21

The filters are still working. Perhaps it’s one of those days when you wake up to high volume of spam.

Note to self: Create a quick monitoring script that provides more information from agent logs, antispam configs, and perfmon counters.

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