Exchangepedia: A search hack

by Bharat Suneja

Playing with custom error pages early this a.m., and here’s a way to search Exchangepedia. Go to the search page –, ignore the “this page couldn’t be found” error, and use the search.

Note: Sorry, it doesn’t seem to work as a link. You will need to type the URL manually:

Yes, not the best way to search – once I get enough time a Search box will end up in the top banner on all pages. Meanwhile, please use this workaround.

Please leave feedback and let me know if the workaround works!

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ilantz June 7, 2008 at 1:31 am

works nice, but you still need to fine tune your results..

why not use the google api :) ?

p.s. DIG your blog very much. been promoting it to every client of me!


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