Community content in Exchange docs: the wikization begins!

by Bharat Suneja

Microsoft recently started allowing community content (annotations/links) in Exchange documentation on TechNet. Initially available for Exchange 2003 documentation, this feature was recently expanded to Exchange 2007 documentation as well.

At the bottom of each page in Exchange documentation (on TechNet) you’ll see the links to add community content.

Screenshot: Links to add community content in Exchange documentation pages on TechNet
Figure 1: Links to add community content in Exchange documentation pages on TechNet

This is a great way to share your Exchange expertise and add more value to Exchange documentation – you can add your code snippets, undocumented scenarios, tips & tricks, links to relevant content on web sites/blogs— yes, links to your blog posts too!

The wiki-zation of Exchange documentation has begun!

For an example of what this looks like, check out the Messaging Records Management (MRM) docs:
1) How to Create Managed Content Settings
2) How to Apply a Managed Folder Mailbox Policy to User Mailboxes

Registration required. Here’s the code of conduct, and answers to some frequently asked questions are in this faq.

What it’s not…
This is not a place to post product feedback or new feature requests. You can provide new feature requests by email to exwish at microsoft. It’s also not a place to post requests for help with any issues— that’s better handled in Exchange newsgroups and TechNet Forums, where you can get assistance from expert IT Pros, including MVPs, and Microsoft folks.

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