India not looking to ban BlackBerry, keen to resolve issue

by Bharat Suneja

India’s Dept of Telecom (DoT) says it has asked Indian wireless carriers to specify a timeframe by which they will resolve all security concerns. India is not looking to shutdown BlackBerry services, but it is keen to resolve the issue.

There has been a lot of speculation about the DoT having given a 15-day notice to carriers and RIM to allow snooping or face a shutdown. The Economic Times says “all players offering BlackBerry in India said that that the government had not issued any such directives.”


DoT is looking at various possibilities, including asking RIM to create a mirror image of all emails and data sent on these devices in India and store the information for at least six months to address the concerns of security agencies.

DoT is also looking at other options such as asking RIM to migrate all data traffic originating from Indian mobile networks to servers in India.

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