Entourage 2008: OOFs coming to the Mac

by Bharat Suneja

With the release of Office 2008 for the Mac, Entourage users will be able to use Out of Office messages just like the rest of the world (i.e. Windows users with Microsoft Outlook) have been doing forever. Entourage 2008 supports Exchange Server 2007’s enhanced OOF functionality, including the ability to schedule OOF start and stop times in advance, and set-up separate OOF messages for co-workers and external recipients.

Nevertheless, Entourage 2008 doesn’t come close to Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 as far as features go. There’s no capability to schedule resources, and no MAPI (recently rechristened “Outlook-Exchange Transport Protocol”), amongst a long list of other features on Entourage users’ wish list. More in Lead Program Manager Andy Ruff’s post “Office 2008 Enterprise Series: OOF Coming to Entourage” on the Office for Mac team blog.

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