Xandros licenses ActiveSync and MAPI

by Bharat Suneja

Linux vendor Xandros has licensed ActiveSync and Outlook-Exchange Transport Protocol, formerly known as MAPI. This will allow its Scalix mail server to push email to Windows Mobile (and other ActiveSync-enabled) devices, and Microsoft Outlook clients will be able to talk to Scalix using their native protocol. InfoWorld has more: “Xandros expands Microsoft partnership”.

Other ActiveSync licensees include DataViz, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Palm, Motorola, and Symbian.

Whether Apple belongs to the above list of ActiveSync licensees has been the subject of never-ending speculation since before the launch of its iPhone cell phone + PDA + music player, which does have Exchange as one of the options for configuring mobile email, but is currently limited to using IMAP4 (read previous post: “Apple Licenses Exchange ActiveSync for the iPhone?“).

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