Mozilla promises to patch in 10 days

by Bharat Suneja

In a sign of further security goodness, Mike Shaver – Mozilla’s Director of Ecosystem Development, claims Mozilla will fix all vulnerabilities in (his own words)10 [expletive] days“.

The caveats: provided there is “responsible disclosure”, and the claim is for critical vulnerabilities.

As a FireFox user, what’s troubling is the fact that Mozilla has to make such claims at all. This comes in the wake of its recent security woes and playing “it’s your vulnerability” with Microsoft (read previous post “FireFox Mozilla fixes the IE security hole that wasn’t“).

“It is an audacious claim” (InfoWorld quotes Sophos technology consultant Graham Cluley), and as such claims go, it’s at a high risk of falling flat on its face. Like Apple’s recent claim about its Safari browser (read previous post “Safari, Meet Windows: Apple’s cool browser comes with security holes“).

You can see the claim scribbled by Shaver on the back of his business card here. Also read “Mozilla vows to patch any critical flaws in 10 days” on InfoWorld.

Disclaimer from previous post: Given that this is the second post in a row about FireFox, it should be no surprise that I continue to use FireFox as my preferred browser, in addition to Internet Explorer and (gulp!) Safari!

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