Exchange Server 2007: Notes on Exchange Management Console’s design

by Bharat Suneja

Love it or hate it, the Exchange Management Console is here to stay. I haven’t come across many folks who dislike it for its design, or think it has any usability issues (sure, it has some minor annoyances… but waiting for perfection generally means not shipping a product). Any heartburn caused by the EMC is purely due to the lack of functionality to manage components like POP3, IMAP4, Public Folders, et al (most of that will show up in SP1), and the fact that many tasks can only be performed from the Exchange shell.

I’ve always been very interested in software usability in general, and of Exchange’s management tools in particular. Today I came across an interesting blog post by Evan Dodds and Amanda Langowski on the team blog, titled “Gone but not forgotten“, that shares some notes about the design choices made during EMC’s conception.

Just when you think there aren’t many posts you haven’t read on the team blog, you stumble into interesting nuggets like this one.

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