Apple Licenses Exchange ActiveSync for the iPhone?

by Bharat Suneja

Has Apple finally seen the light, and licensed Exchange ActiveSync from Microsoft? Will iPhone users be able to get Exchange email pushed out to their iPhones using DirectPush?

Gadget blog reports on rumors that indicate what many thought nearly impossible (but certainly something that would make a lot of sense for Apple – read previous post “iPhone buzz refuses to die down after a Mac-less MacWorld“) may already have happened. Thanks to fellow Exchange MVP Dustin Smith for pointing this out.

Sounds interesting, but till this is confirmed by either Microsoft or Apple, rumor it is. Given Apple’s tendency to keep such details secret, such an announcement or confirmation may not happen till the moment the device is released. The Engadget post claims it may be announced tomorrow. If it does indeed happen, the question most would want answered is – will it be available in the shipping version of the device on June 29th, or perhaps a downloadable update at a later date.

Update: ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley confirms it here: “The iPhone will be compatible with Microsoft Exchange, after all

It’s great to see Apple play nice with Microsoft – (ignoring iTunes and QuickTime), there’s Bootcamp, the utility and drivers that allow Intel-based Macs to support running Windows in a dual-boot configuration, and Safari browser for Windows a few days ago.

iPhone with Exchange ActiveSync – sure sounds tempting!

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