Hilf: Don’t look at Fortune magazine as the manifestation of Microsoft strategy

by Bharat Suneja

In an exclusive interview to InfoWorld magazine, Microsoft’s Bill Hilf clears up the air [read previous article – “Bill Hilf: Free Software Movement Is Dead“] about Microsoft’s open source strategy, and its patent infringement claims. According to Hilf, Microsoft’s strategy hasn’t changed. It’s not on the litigation path. Ignore Fortune’s spin on Microsoft counsel Brad Smith’s interview.

“Our strategy from everyone in the company — from [Steve] Ballmer to Brad Smith to me and everyone in between — has always been to license and not litigate as it relates to our intellectual property. So we have no plans to litigate. You can never say we’ll never do anything in the future, but that’s not our strategy. That article spins it on the attack. The only new piece information in that article is that it just put a number on the patents”, says Hilf.

Read the complete interview on Infoworld.com.

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