ZDNet: Zenprise gave indications 2 hours before the BlackBerry outage

by Bharat Suneja

Before the world knew: insider’s diary of BlackBerry service shutdown by ZDNet‘s Russell Shaw — For two hours before the BlackBerry email outage two weeks ago, the Zenprise BlackBerry service monitoring system in place at the County of Alameda (Cal.) data center in the 1.5 million-populaton county seat of Oakland “gave us some indications connectivity was intermittent,” senior server engineer Paul Hinsberg told me just a few minutes ago.

The engineer adds that as the afternoon progressed, the (scored) confidence levels of successful BlackBerry network connections as scored by Zenprise gradually descended from Very High-This Is Fixed to ” ‘I am completely sure I cannot connect. ‘

Read the complete article (and get a glimpse of the performance chart from Zenprise for BlackBerry) on “The BlackBerry Beat” over on ZDNet.com.

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