RIM Reveals Cause of BlackBerry Outage

by Bharat Suneja

Research In Motion finally provided more details about the cause of its 14-hour outage starting Tuesday night. You can read more about it on Russell Shaw’s The BlackBerry Beat blog on ZDNet, or News.com (RIM offers explanation for massive outage), or the publication of your choice – it’s all over the place.

Judging by the explanation, I’m not surprised it took them 2 days to come up with that statement. :)

RIM has generally offered a reliable service – one of the reasons it is so popular and has most business folks (including many government ogranizations) addicted to it.

System and network outages happen, despite our best efforts, tests, and investments in high availability and redundancy. Most users understand this -as long as outages are not the norm in a given environment. What annoys users is the lack of information. From the user’s perspective, it’s more about “tell me when it’s broken, tell me you’re working on it, and if/when you know it’ll be up, let me know”. However, this type of communication has been lacking in RIM’s efforts.

I haven’t been able to find anything related to the outage on RIM’s support web site. (Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places… if you’ve seen something, please post a link in the comments – Bharat)

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