DST 2007: As predicted, we didn’t save much energy afterall!

by Bharat Suneja

It seems the early verdicts are in, and as predicted by various experts, including the Department of Energy [read previous post “DST 2007: DoE isn’t convinced new DST will save energy!“], we didn’t end up saving much energy in the first three weeks of this extended Daylight Savings Time to justify this shift, and all the pain that IT pros went through to prepare for it.

According to News.com, “..other than forcing millions of drowsy American workers and school children into the dark, wintry weather thee weeks early, the move appears to have had little impact on power usage”. Read more in the report titled “Daylight saving shift fails to curb energy use” on News.com.

Come December, when it’s time for DoE to report to Congress about the energy saved as a result of this switch [read previous post “DST 2007: Energy Policy Act of 2005 – the few lines…“], it’s quite likely the Energy Policy Act, 2005 will get a huge thumbs down. Are you ready to move back to the “normal” DST schedules come 2008? :)

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