DST 2007: The order of things, again!

by Bharat Suneja

As we wind down towards the DST 2007 deadline, I’ve still been getting quite a few questions about this in the past day or two. This has been covered and repeated quite a bit over the past few days, but here it is once again.

Here’s what Microsoft recommends on its DST 2007 web site:
1. DST 2007 Time Zone Update (KB 931836) on Windows servers
2. DST 2007 Time Zone Update on Windows clients
3. Exchange Server DST Update (KB 926666 for Exchange Server 2003 SP2, KB 93
4. Rebase appointments

Environments which rely heavily on OWA:
1. DST 2007 Time Zone Update on Windows servers
2. DST 2007 Time Zone Update on Windows clients
3. Rebase appointments
4. Exchange Server DST Update

From a Microsoft DST 2007 chat earlier yesterday:
Lakshmy [MSFT] (Expert):
Q: [596] Can any expert from MSFT confirm this? What’s the exact order of things? Are there any issues at all with applying KB 926666 Exchange CDO patch *last* after rebasing appointments?

A: Apply Windows Server OS DST Patch first.
Please follow following patching order for DST patching…
1. Install OS patch on servers (931836)
2. Install OS patch on clients (931836)
3. Rebase calendar appointments (using TZMove (931667) / TZMove update 933146 / Exchange tool 930879)
4. Install Exchange DST patch for CDO (926666)
In organizations where OWA is not used to schedule appointments, step 4 can be performed before step 3, *if desired*. Please see [Microsoft’s DST 2007 Blog url]; for more details.

(I’ve recommended the later order in an earlier post titled ” DST 2007: Understanding what needs to be done and how to do it“. I haven’t come across any information about specific issues when following that order.

It’s important to ensure that appointments created using new DST 2007 time zone rules – these are the ones users create after their computers are updated with KB 931836 time zone update – do not get rebased wrongly, which can be done by either having clients run the Outlook Calendar Update Tool using the /ONLYCREATEDPREPATCH option, or using that option when running MsExTmz.exe with a UTC time when clients received their KB 931836 time zone update for the OS. – Bharat)

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Trihimbulus March 8, 2007 at 6:47 pm

I updates in the Microsoft-recommended order of things last Saturday. Now I see that threr are some calendars that show there appointments an hour (and half-hour) early. When I run TZMOVE.EXE against affect mailboxes. Additionally seeing that when I run TZMOVE against a mailbox with a Calendar item created after the patches- the tool wants to move the appointmet to an hour earlier. ANy advice? Great blog by the way!


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