Zenprise 3.0: Now available for Blackberry

by Bharat Suneja

Zenprise just released Zenprise 3.0 – its first product that helps troubleshoot issues with RIM’s Blackberry Enterprise Server (for Exchange), besides some great new functionality for Exchange Server environments.

With mobile email usage predicted to skyrocket over the next few years (According to projections by Radicati Group, number of mobile devices will shoot up from 12 million last year to almost 200 million in 2010), managing the mobility infrastructure presents its own challenges for messaging folks.

Some of the exciting new functionality in Zenprise 3.0 includes the Zenprise Mailflow Engine that detects mailflow problems not only within your Exchange infrastructure (between servers in a Routing Group, and between different Routing Groups) but also mailflow to and from the internet! Further, it also alerts administers if mail delivery performance degrades.

It’s a first step, and a significant one, at providing invaluable functionality to keep messaging systems humming.

In addition to Mailflow, Zenprise 3.0 also has the capability to dynamically detect internet-facing smtp server addresses – whether these are Exchange servers or non-Exchange SMTP hosts. It automatically checks Realtime Block Lists (RBLs, or IP Block List Providers in Microsoft’s Exchange Server 2007 terminology) and alerts the administrator if the IP addresses are listed.

More information about these products on zenprise.com.

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