Windows Vista: Love the packaging?

by Bharat Suneja

Just got my 2 copies of the boxed version of Windows Vista Ultimate. Can’t call them shrink-wrapped versions, they actually come in a plastic case.

For the record, I love the Windows Vista packaging! It puts Microsoft in the realm of cool – finally, something Apple-like! Wonder if Apple and the Mac fanatics are feeling threatened… :)

Seriously, the interface, and the packaging look great – but there’s one gotcha. You have to be able to open it! I struggled for a little while, and during that time it seemed like I’d need a manual or an online video tutorial to show me how to open the box. :)

A quick web search revealed I’m not the only one (ref. to this thread on Anandtech).

It’s easy to miss the sticker on the side with little pictures that show how to open it.

The box-opening issue aside, Windows Vista is one of the coolest things Microsoft’s done in a while (surpassed – on the IT Pro side – only by what the Exchange team’s done with Exchange Server 2007, imo! Exchange Server 2007 SP1 will raise the bar even further – read Terry Myerson’s post about SP1 features on the team blog), regardless of what the Mac fanatics have to say about the former, and myriad distractors about the latter.

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John March 13, 2007 at 8:03 am

Should have asked a Linux user for help!


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