Update: Zinio Support gets back, fixes broken PC Mag subscription

by Bharat Suneja

An update to my previous post about Zinio and the broken PC Mag subscription [Zinio Blues, and a broken PC Mag subscription]. It seems my post got the attention of folks higher up at Zinio. Their support dept. got back to me over the last few days and worked with me to resolve the issue.

Apparently it was as simple as uninstalling and reinstalling the Zinio reader app, but I did do that a few times on my own. Nevertheless, after Zinio got in touch with me and had me do it again, it miraculously worked (gotta love those support incidents that make you feel like an absolute…. user :). I can now access the new issues of PC Mag.

They even offered me a couple of free magazine subscriptions for the trouble.

Note to Zinio: You guys have a great service and I love getting magazines in your format – and being able to keep any number of issues on my hard drive without the paper issues clogging my bookshelf. Please improve your support site. Let users file support tickets – which you do now – much more easily, and even more importantly, let them get back to those tickets just as easily. And if there are issues like these – probably DRM-related, I’m guessing – be pro-active and notify customers or post it on your support site. (If this was already posted, I missed it completely).

Note to Windows IT Pro mag: Couldn’t help but add this – after you moved from Zinio to your own web-based format, I’m having a hard time reading it. I’ve given up reading what many consider to be a well-respected IT journal with great technical content, including some great Exchange-related content that I’ve enjoyed reading over the years. Not sure why you moved from Zinio to what comes across as a much less capable format!!

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[email protected] December 23, 2006 at 3:52 pm

I’ve used Zinio for 3 years. Then in Nov I couldn’t open any of my new magazines on any of my computers. Home or work desktop nor my laptop. I’ve posted to their help site and I only get canned responses. No one will help. I looked up their phone number in SF. No answer there. Not even voice mail. Yesterday, my laptop corrupted its system file. I head to reload the OS. I know I have an absolutely fresh install of Windows and Zinio. I even re-downloaded my magazines. None will open after Nov. Prior to Nov, they still work.


Computer Repair July 4, 2009 at 5:54 am

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